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5 in 1 steam mop | 5 in 1 steam mop | H2O MOP X5 KMS-S030
Feb 28, 2018

1) Maximum steam pressure: 3.5bar / cm2

2) This steam does not contain water and will not damage the wooden floor

3) heating time 20s will be able to steam

4) special triangular bow head design into any corner

5) 180 ° rotating head can enter the small space and furniture

6) Adjustable gear shift out steam capacity

7) quick release line for the user convenience package

8) The power cord up to five meters

9) can help remove 99.9% of E. coli, Salmonella



Features: a steam out, a large amount of steam, stable




The difference between steam mop and ordinary mop: section medicated water, can effectively remove oily dirt, with cleaning and disinfection in one, after cleaning the floor surface easy to dry, leaving no water shadow.

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