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Advantages of steam mop
Sep 25, 2018

Urban people's life is getting faster and faster, and our time is getting less. How to manage your life quickly and effectively becomes especially important. In the past, the way we cleaned our clothes was to use rags, brooms, brushes and other tools to clean the house. Do you still have the energy to do this when you go home one day? Therefore, the small household appliance market is slowly growing up, and steam mops, vacuum cleaners, and ironing machines are slowly occupying the market.

We may still be more vacuum cleaners. Today we will talk about the difference between vacuum cleaners and new decontamination attempts – steam mops.

Vacuum cleaners generally use an electric motor to drive the impeller to rotate at a high speed, so that a partial vacuum is formed in the dust collecting chamber. The air pressure difference formed between the dust collecting chamber and the air is generated, and the dust is sucked into the dust collecting chamber along with the air flow, and the dust is retained in the dust collecting chamber to discharge the clean air. The steam mop mainly uses high pressure to generate steam for cleaning.


For a conventional vacuum cleaner, the greater the power, the greater the horsepower, resulting in a stronger adsorption force. The advantages are mature technology, low price and variety of choices. The disadvantage is that the noise is large, and sometimes the cleaning power is insufficient due to insufficient suction. The relatively laborious use of the dust box is difficult to take care of. The compact handle vacuum cleaner is small in size, and the motor design can greatly reduce the noise of use, which is more suitable for modern home use. Its advantages are small size, easy to use, low energy consumption and low noise. As opposed to its volume, it has the disadvantage of limited suction. Cordless vacuum cleaners The rechargeable vacuum cleaner with power supply removes the power limitation by charging the built-in battery. Its advantage is that it can be realized by charging, the price is moderate, and it is widely used. The disadvantage is that the life of the whole machine will be affected by the battery life; the power is generally low and the brand is small.

The advantages of the steam mop are high temperature steam sterilization, oil removal, rapid dissolution of stubborn oil, clean and effortless, only use water, no pollution to the environment, no scraping of the product. Dealing with difficult dirt, the effect of steam dragging on the corners of the kitchen is still significant. It can cut into small cracks, peel off or remove oil stains and residues, kill micro-microorganisms and bacteria, and achieve high efficiency, water saving, environmental protection, ultra-clean and dry requirements. More economical, general cleaning can be done without detergent. Its shortcoming is that it can't absorb solid waste, and the price is relatively expensive.

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