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Advantages of steam mop and how to use it
Sep 18, 2018

So what are the advantages of the steam mop? First of all, the steam can produce a high temperature of 120 degrees, and the high temperature has the function of sterilization and disinfection. The bacteria that are difficult to see with the naked eye can be completely eliminated, so that it is truly clean and hygienic. Secondly, for the oil on the ground, it is OK to clean the ordinary stains, but it is difficult to get the oil. But the steam mop can quickly dissolve the oil, so it is easy to clean. Moreover, the steam mop is an absolutely environmentally friendly product. In the process of use, it is only necessary to add clean water, and after descaling, it is turned into steam, so that it does not impose any burden on the environment. And the product is very simple to operate.

So how should the steam mop be used? It's not complicated, as long as we find the place where the mop helmet is, then unscrew it and add the right amount of water, but don't add too much water. Then close the helmet and spray the steam in a few minutes after connecting the plug. Do not put some other cleaning equipment during the use, just use ordinary water. Always clean the mop after use and put it in a cool place. The temperature of the steam is very high, because we must also pay attention to the safety when using, do not point the steam outlet to people or pets, so as not to accidentally injure others.


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