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How to choose a good steam mop?
Mar 02, 2018

How to choose a good steam mop?

X12 high temperature sterilization steam mop

Advantages: It is 100 degrees of high temperature steam design, is the use of physical decontamination, the use of safe and secure. And steam mop using high-temperature steam, with the movement of the floor, produce flowing air, so that the temperature will drop quickly, will not cause damage to the floor. 30 seconds out of steam, that is, drag that is dry, use more convenient.

Note: After use should be promptly cleaned.

This steam mop with triangular dust brush design, it has a strong stability. And its anti-collision measures, can effectively protect the safety of the nozzle and the fuselage. One of its overall design, safe and portable, with one hand to operate. There is a unique decontamination brush, the use of more efficient.


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