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Multifunctional steam mop function and use method
Jul 13, 2018

Multi-function steam mop - function introduction

The steam mop has super-strong grease, dirt and stubborn functions. The most troublesome thing in home life is the oil stains on the range hood, the stains in the toilet, the urine stains, the stains on the leather sofas, and the cleaning work of the old stubborn stains left by the hands that are often touched by the hands of the refrigerator and the microwave oven. Whether it is the use of brushes, steel balls or detergents, some even use chemical products such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc., which are strictly prohibited, cannot achieve the desired results. The steam mop uses a high-performance brush head specially made by the multi-function cleaner. When it is washed and brushed, the stains have nowhere to escape.

The steam mop has the function of cleaning edges, seams and corners. Floors, office floors, edging, corners, door frames, windows, refrigerator drawers, partitions, sinks, cabinets, sofa edges, bottoms, etc., where rags or mops cannot be scrubbed, just a light spray, 130 ° C high temperature The steam can easily make these stubborn stains adhering to these dead corners fall off on their own, and the original dirty place is immediately refreshed. This is the power of the steam mop. The steam mop has the function of efficiently cleaning glassware.

Multi-function steam mop - how to use

1. Unscrew the helmet from the top to the bottom counterclockwise, unscrew the helmet from the top to the bottom counterclockwise, add the appropriate amount of water as required, taking care not to inject too much water (maximum water injection 1.5L). Turn the safety helmet clockwise, assemble the accessories according to the items to be cleaned by the customer (refer to the instruction manual), connect the power plug, and the power indicator will light. After waiting for 3-4 minutes, press and hold the steam jet button to eject the steam and use it.

2. After cleaning, leave the cleaner for a while, let the body cool completely, please keep it in a cool place. It is strictly forbidden to spray vapors on people, pets and plants.

3. When cleaning, it is strictly forbidden to put detergent or soapy water. Always use ordinary tap water.


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