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Steam mop advantage?
Jun 11, 2018

First, to avoid the problem of bending the traditional mop. Traditional mops need to be mopped back and forth over and over again. The cleaning efficiency is low, and they need to be stooped at all times. Therefore, in the long term, there is a great deal of damage to the human body's waist spine, especially for the elderly, who use traditional ones for a long time. A mop can do some damage to the body, and the steam mop cleverly avoids this in its design.

Second, high-temperature sterilization and eliminate locusts. Steam mops are cleaned with high-temperature steam. Therefore, high-temperature steam between 120-140 degrees produced during use can completely kill bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms. And its super high temperature sprayed steam can penetrate deep into all areas of the floor, quickly dissolving fine dust and stubborn oil, so that it can be used in the sterilization and sterilization effect, but also to avoid the secondary breeding of bacteria.

Third, large capacity water tank design. Most steam mops have a large-capacity water tank design, and once a water injection can easily handle the large size of the area, solve the trouble of changing the water back and forth, have a higher efficiency. Among them, it also has a water outlet switch, which instantly mops the water and can effectively avoid water damage to the floor.

Fourth, higher flexibility. Some steam mops have a 360-degree rotation function, which can easily deal with a variety of dead-end problems during use, and solve the problem that traditional mops cannot clean dead corners. The high efficiency of use leaves no room for use.

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