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Steam mop X10 in use should pay attention to what issues?
Mar 02, 2018

Steam mop X10 in use should pay attention to what issues?

Due to the design of steam mop, there are some problems that need attention in the process of using, so that it has a longer service life and a more comfortable use experience.

1, before use, first need to mop cotton mop to wear. Because the mop head design, more sharp, once mopping the floor without the protection of mop, will cause a large extent to the floor scratches, scratches and a series of injuries.

2, should be cleaned after each use, are promptly cleaning the mop. Because after mopping the mop with bacteria, and for a long time without cleaning, stains will be solidified on the mop, until the next use, cleaning up more laborious, but will also affect their service life.

3, there are some small details on the need to pay attention. Such as the need to always pay attention to the use of the mop, every 4-6 months, it is best to replace a mop. And in its cleaning, to use clean water, try not to use soapy water and acidic liquid.


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