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The advantages of steam mop
Mar 02, 2018

The advantages of steam mop

First, to avoid the traditional mop bending problem. Traditional mops need to be mopped back and forth over and over again, and the cleaning efficiency is low and they need to be bent over for a long time. Therefore, in the long term, the human body's spine is greatly damaged, especially for the elderly. Mops, will cause some damage to the body, and steam mop in the design cleverly avoid this.

Second, high-temperature sterilization and elimination of mites. The steam mop is cleaned with high-temperature steam. Therefore, high-temperature steam of 120-140 degrees generated during use can completely kill bacteria, molds and other microorganisms. And its ultra-high temperature steam emitted can penetrate into all areas of the floor, the small dust and stubborn oil quickly dissolved, so that can be used in the role of sterilization, but also to avoid the second breeding of bacteria.

Third, large-capacity water tank design. Most steam mops have a large capacity water tank design, and a water injection can easily get a large apartment area to solve the back and forth the trouble of changing the water, a higher efficiency. Which also has a water outlet switch, instant water instant mopping, can effectively prevent water damage on the floor.

Fourth, higher flexibility. Like YUEXIANG X5 brand steam mop will have 360-degree rotation function, can be easily used in dealing with all kinds of dead ends, to solve the traditional mop can not clean the corner of the phenomenon. The high efficiency, making it no use of the limitations.

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