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What is a steam mop?
Dec 18, 2017

What is a steam mop?

The principle of steam mop by heating the water, resulting in pressure and high temperature, high temperature and pressure steam directly through sterilization to sterilize, clean the home environment. Steam mops generally have high temperature sterilization, removal of oil and other functions. The use of high-pressure steam can be clean and bactericidal, easy to deal with tough dirt.


Features of steam mop

1, high temperature sterilization 120 degrees high temperature steam sterilization;

2, remove oil can quickly dissolve stubborn oil, clean and effortless;

3, ironing dry cleaning function can be a material ironing, to dry cleaning dust and sterilization functions;

Steam mop use precautions

1, Unscrew the helmet counterclockwise from top to bottom, unscrew the helmet counterclockwise from top to bottom, add the right amount of water according to the requirements, be careful not to overfill water (the maximum water injection volume 1.5L).

2, after cleaning, the cleaner for some time, let the body completely cool, please keep in the shade. Do not spray vapors on people, pets or plants.

3, clean, it is strictly prohibited to put detergent or soapy water, be sure to use ordinary tap water.

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