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what is function of Ready-to-Use indicator on steam mop?
Jan 15, 2018

what is function of Ready-to-Use indicator on steam mop?

we noted there is Ready-to-Use indicator on our H2O steam mop X5, what is the function?

 Once the steam mop X5 has been fully assembled and filled with water, plug in the Power Cord to a grounded electrical outlet. The RED light - Power Indicator will indicate when power is on. Power Switch (O / I) is in the OFF (O) position (higher position).

Wait for the Ready-to-Use indicator to turn Green - approximately 20 - 30 seconds.

GREEN light will turn on when the steam mop is ready for use.

When the Ready-to-Use indicator light turns Green press the Power Switch (O / I) to the ON (I) position (lower position). The mop will start emitting steam.

To stop emitting steam turn OFF (O) the unit by pressing the Power Switch (O / I) again.

If the Power Switch (O / I) is pressed

(lower position) prior to Ready-to-Use

light indicator turning green, water from777.gif

the previous use will not be heated

and will be forced out by present steam

and will cause puddling to occur.

This may also happen if the Power

Switch was left in the ON (I) position

(lower position) from the previous use

and the unit was disconnected by

unplugging only. Make sure to turn

the unit OFF after each usage and

then disconnect from the electrical

outlet so the unit is in the OFF ( O ) position when used next time.


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