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Why use household steam cleaning mop?
Jan 03, 2018

First, the traditional mop are generally used a pot of water or a bucket of water to wash shabu mop, want to avoid secondary pollution, we should frequently change the water, cleaning over and over again, not only water but also time-consuming and laborious. The steam mop uses high-temperature steam to clean it. Simply add water without using any kind of chemical solvent. Turn on the switch and you can use it more environmentally friendly, safe and hygienic to eradicate the disadvantages of traditional cleaning operations.

Second, the general home of the wooden floor or tile floor, looked clean, but it is actually filth, crevices easy to breed bacteria, the traditional mop and hard to clean. Steam mop can do because steam can penetrate into tiny cracks, dissolve stubborn dirt under high temperature and high pressure, stripping, remove grease and residue, and achieve high-temperature sterilization effect.

Third, the steam mop cleaner for different floors of wood, carpet and tile, you can choose a different stall and steam volume, the traditional mop can not.


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