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Steam Mops, Folding Chair Backpacks... Numerous Novel Exhibits Unveiled At The Current Canton Fair
May 07, 2018

Stubborn stains difficult to remove? Steam mop to solve for you

In the household goods exhibition area, an exhibit attracted many people to enter the exhibition area and ask for trials. The reporter saw that at the entrance of the exhibition area, a "robot" simulating a swing arm was placed. The robot arm held a steam mop.

The exhibitor Luo said: “This is a steam mop that can spray steam when it is plugged in. Compared with a traditional mop, when you use it, you don’t need to wet the floor in advance. After the steam comes out, it is very hot and it is easy to dry. Like difficult-to-remove stains such as chewing gum, we can use steam to heat it up and remove it more easily.Some people use disinfectant to clean the excretion of children or pets. The role."

Mr. Luo also said that sensors are integrated inside the steam mop. When the mop is at a standstill, it will automatically shut down to avoid safety problems.


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