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Better To Use This Steam Mop? Decontamination Sterilization Polish Every Corner
Dec 14, 2017

Home cleaning has always been a difficult problem in life. With the development of science and technology and the replacement of cleaning tools, people are experiencing changes in the times on the road to cleanliness. Although laziness occupies certain factors, it is healthier and more comfortable Home experience, is the moment most people are concerned about the hot spots. From brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners to sweeping robots are all people's advances in cleaning tools.

Mops We are often seen in life, with the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for mops also have a higher level, with the steam mop came, what is the steam mop, steam mop easy to use it? Many people may have questions

First, what is a steam mop


Steam mop is mainly the use of high-pressure steam to clean, you can clean and bactericidal, easy to deal with tough dirt, steam mop in the kitchen is very convenient to use, there are bathroom corner, the use of steam sofas will have a multiplier effect. Steam mop to quickly remove dirt, save time and effort, economical and affordable. Do not need to add any detergent, fully in line with economic principles.

Steam mop is characterized by more convenient decontamination, no damage to the cleaning products, can thoroughly clear the old traces of oil, stubborn, and all kinds of peculiar smell.

We all know that high-temperature steam can kill mites in the air and make the room more fresh and healthy! It can have multiple functions, without preservatives, and is green. Can replace the traditional cleaning supplies, high temperature sterilization, disinfection, you can clean a lot of things, convenient and practical.


   Second, steam mop easy to use it

1, the use of steam mop

Steam mop can clean glass products and household appliances on the oil, a long time not easy to clean, easy to use steam mop sterilization, decontamination.

· Unscrew the helmet counterclockwise from top to bottom, unscrew the helmet counterclockwise from the top down, add the right amount of water as required, taking care not to overfill it. Turn the helmet clockwise, according to the customer to clean the assembly of components (reference manual), connect the power plug, then the power indicator light. Wait a few minutes, hold down the steam injection button, spray out the steam can be used.

· After cleaning, the cleaner for some time, let the body completely cool, please keep in the shade. Do not spray vapors to people, pets or plants.

· Do not put detergent or soapy water when cleaning, be sure to use ordinary tap water.

2, steam mop easy to use it

User response:

· I met YUEXIANG steam mop! It can be done in one sweep and completely liberated me from heavy household duties! I moved back this steam deep cleaner in a sunny afternoon, sweeping the floor, steam dragging To 2-in-1, brightly colored packaging, I like it at a glance ^ _ ^

Steam mop can effectively prevent allergic reactions such as asthma caused by mildew spores and allergens, cough, sneezing and so on. Hey, this looked reassuring, with the baby, especially care about these areas, for fear of any allergic source will cause the baby's health problems.

Originally, there was a lot of dander, hair, dust in the floor of my house, and the color of the floor was also dark. Start a good steam mop 啦, gently swept, wherever he went immediately waxed like shine, but also reflective it, you can take a picture.

I use the steam mop, really good, he not only can clearly health corners, but also for some old dirt can easily clean, and can be sterilized, steam mop, rest assured!

Summary: Steam mop to break the traditional mop decontamination form is a new attempt, and the fact that the steam mop is really good, can help us solve a lot of disinfection and sterilization problems, can make the home environment more fresh. The above can also see a lot of users on the steam mop evaluation. Hope that the above sharing can bring you help!

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