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Characteristics Of Steam Mop
Aug 31, 2017

1. High temperature sterilization 120 degree high temperature steam sterilization disinfection;

2. The removal of oil pollution can quickly dissolve stubborn oil, clean and effortless;

3. Ironing dry cleaning function can be a material to iron, to achieve dry cleaning dust and sterilization function;

4. Environmental protection only need to use clean water, no pollution to the environment, no wiper products;

5. Efficient and quick in a few minutes to become steam, no need to use detergent or chemicals, to all types of materials to play a high-efficiency and efficient cleaning, disinfection efficacy;

6. Simple operation, with a variety of nozzles and brush, can be flexibly applicable to a variety of occasions;

7. Green environmental protection, without any chemical agents, non-polluting, can replace the traditional cleaning agent, is an environmentally friendly cleaning products;

8. High temperature sterilization, disinfection effect, can almost clean all things;

7. Comfort hot, dry-cleaning function, clothing can be carried out vertical comfort hot, dry cleaning dust, one machine more use.