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Effect Of Cervical Vertebra Stretching Device
Aug 31, 2017

1. Restores the normal physiology structure of the cervical vertebra, regulates the cervical vertebra skeleton to maintain the health condition.

2. To alleviate the calcification of the articular sac and ligament of the cervical joint stenosis.

3. Improve the supply of blood.

4. To improve the pain caused by nerve compression, lax adhesion prevention and other effects of hunchback.

5. Long-term use of adolescents in developing periods contributes to height growth.

The cervical spine is the main pillar of the human body, with the Human Life Center-the medulla oblongata is closely connected, has the rich blood vessel, the nerve plexus, guarantees the human body basic Life activity information the upload release and the nutrition transportation, any slight change can cause the human organ discomfort, along with the life Rhythm quickening, the morbidity and the rejuvenation of the cervical spondylosis increases year by day Seriously affect people's lives and work.