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Steam Cleaning Machine--Steam Sterilization
Aug 31, 2017

In the family to engage in health activities, the usual practice is "broom + mop", first sweeping, and then mop mopping, this traditional practice will often encounter some places will have stubborn stains, need to rub vigorously. For example, the home floor may be stained with a lot of difficult to remove stains, while the kitchen area of the floor may have a lot of grease, or in the kitchen stove, Mesa on the existence of long accumulated stubborn stains.

It's hard to do it in a traditional way, if there is a steam cleaning machine can improve efficiency, steam cleaning opportunities with a small water tank, the internal heater, through high-pressure spray a strong steam, its effect can reach the "open champagne" effect, "poof" spray, fine steam with a certain temperature, It is often the water that boils down to 100 ℃ of steam, and penetrates and reaches through the smallest recesses to break down stubborn dirt.

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