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Washing Machine Notes
Aug 31, 2017

Please follow these steps for each cleaning machine:

1. Before use, read the manual of the washing machine carefully and use it safely after training.

2. Please do not operate the machine until the machine is fully assembled. Before the user operates the machine, carefully check the integrity of the machine.

3. In the area to be cleaned, it is important to remove the debris from the ground and the rubbish that affects the work of sucking and scraping.

4. Especially dirty ground can be repeated repeatedly cleaning or choose different detergent to improve the cleaning effect.

5. Because of uneven ground, sometimes although the cleaning, if there is still water, the brush plate can rise, start the suction switch, promote the washing machine, in the water area, repeated, multiple absorption.

6. A deep trench on the ground will affect the water absorption efficiency of the machine.

7. When the brush plate is in the rising position, do not randomly start the brush motor, otherwise the brush tray will be automatically unloaded.