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CHINA Best Selling Of 12 IN 1 Steam Mop X12 With GS CE ROHS

CHINA Best Selling Of 12 IN 1 Steam Mop X12 With GS CE ROHS

Congratulations on your choice of the 12 in 1 steam mop X12, a new more compact and lighter steam cleaner with a detachable hand-held steamer. The H2O STEAM MOP X12 is a new way of cleaning that is effective and far more hygienic than conventional methods. The X12 STEAM MOP achieves a high...

  • Features & Specification

    CHINA Best selling of 12 IN 1 Steam Mop X12 with GS CE ROHS

    H2O steam mop X12 with 12pcs accessories is hot all over the world, with nice design, good price, all approve CE ROHS.

    h2o mop x12.jpg

    Item Number



    1300 watt of power


    220v-240v, 50HZ or 110V-120V,60HZ

    Unit Box Dimension




    Carton Measurement



    9.5 KG / 12.0KGS

    Boiler Capacity:


    1x20'Container 20ft


    1x40'Container 40ft


    1x40'Container 40HQ



    CE LVD EMC Rohs

    Leading date


    1 pcs Jet nozzle
    3 pcs Round brushes (2 Nylon and 1 copper)
    1 pcs Triangel Brush(Nylon)
    1 pcs Scoop Nozzle
    1 pcs Angle Nozzle
    1 pcs Duster tool
    1 pcs Window cleaning tool
    1 pcs Carpet glider
    1 pcs Measuring cup
    1 pcs Microfiber cloth pad

    Normal Accessories:
    1 pcs Coral cloth for duster tool
    1 pcs Coral cloth for window
    1 pcs Garment steaming cloth for window cleaning tool
    1 pcs User's guide
    1 pcs cleaning pin


    I understand why some people love and some people do not care for this product. I found that reading the reviews gave me an opportunity to try the H2O Mop X12 12-in-1 Steamer with SUCCESS!
    Here are my hints to a rewarding relationship with this investment:
    1. Use the lowest steam setting first. I found that all of my needs were met with beginning in this manner. There were only 2 instances that I used a higher amount of steam. The litter box and bath bench for the shower. By using the lower steam, the problems relating to puddles become almost non-existent. Placing the mop into the tub or shower while it's cooling will keep a puddle from forming on the floor.
    2. Give the mop time to put steam into the mop pads. By doing so, there will be less of a problem moving the mop. There is no need to bear down on the handle. By letting the steamer do its job, a simple movement forward/backward/sideways is made easily. Even with my disability, I can easily use this product.
    3. Use distilled water. The water in my area is quite hard. Any area with high levels of minerals will find distilled water keeps items working properly. I simply use the water from my personal filtering system. If I can drink it the H2O can steam it!

    4. Give yourself time to get to know your steam mop. I bought this item a few month back. I researched many mops and found this was the one which would best serve my needs. Did everything go as I thought it should immediately? No. I had to work with the instructions, the posted suggestions, and the steamer to learn how I was best to use it. This is one reason why I have taken this time to post a review.
    Steaming clothes is a bit harder than I imagined. However, steaming clothing is simpler than ironing. Just as an iron has settings on it to use with certain types of material, how one holds the steamer in relations to the cloth is important. Be gentle and further away with the lowest steam setting on those delicates just as you would the iron! That took some understanding on my part. I no longer steam those items last, I start with them.
    Some of complained that they are unable to clean from the 'top down'. I simply do not understand this statement. Yes, various parts do become quite warm. Yes you can injure yourself with steam. I chose the attachment I wanted to use first, the window/mirror cleaner. Once I got the hang of it, I truly appreciate the ease with which this works! By turning the steamer off, when I'm done, attaching the next desired attachment is ready to attach in 30 seconds or less. Do Not attempt to remove or attach items while the steamer is steaming. I know this seems logical, but some of the postings indicated huge problems with changing attachments, I did not find this at all. By using the lowest steam setting needed and waiting that few seconds after TURNING OFF the steamer, I was able to work top to bottom with NO injury to myself.
    5. Do expect so tiring of arms and hands while using the steamer separate from the mop head/longer handle. I did not receive the strap for my steamer. My own lack of reading caused this mistake. I do find that it is tiring to go from hand held chore to hand-held chore immediately. Being older, I have troubles with my hands. After injuries I have problems with shoulder and back. I must take breaks in-between chores most of the time. Having the strap would have helped.
    6. I found nothing wrong with the length or thickness of the cord. What the heck is that complaint all about? I like the fact that I was protected, should I steam my cord. That could be disaster is the making! It took a bit of time, but I first worked out the kinks in the cord by leaving nearby my heating overnight, worked all the kinks from shipping in the opposite direction and wrapped it around the machine. By using the cord hooks, I was able to use it more easily as the time passed.
    7. Empty the tank when done using the product. I will leave the cap off the tank overnight also. This gives everything a chance to dry thoroughly. One little step to help preserve what you have purchased. I keep mine in the bathroom to dry. Obviously, should one have children, put the cap in a place where a child is unable to reach it.

      (1) Q: What's the delivery time of steam mop?

       Usually within 30 days, after 30% deposit received and artwork confirmed.

      (2) Q: How do you control the quality?

      A: Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end. Our products comply with the requirement of American and European standard like CE GS .

      (3) Q: Can I get some samples? 

      A: We are pleased to offer you samples. 

      (4) Q:Shall we have our designs?

       A: OEM & ODM are warmly welcome.

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